Benefits of Dental Fillings

If there is one dental problem that people commonly face rather often, it’s cavities. Also known as dental caries, cavities are minor area of tooth decay that need to be addressed as soon as possible. If you do not get your cavities addressed in a timely manner, you may have to deal with tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, major damage to your tooth, and, in the worst case scenario, tooth loss. It’s for this reason that visiting your dentist regularly or any time you experience a tooth problem is so important.

When you meet with Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen, she will take time to evaluate your dental health and ensure that you receive the best possible treatment to meet your needs. In some cases, dental fillings will be the right solution for your tooth decay or cavity problem. That said, more severe tooth decay will need more drastic solutions, which is why getting inlays, onlays, or dental crowns may be more ideal for you and your needs.

We’d like to take a moment right now to look at the benefits of dental fillings so that you know why they are so important and what effect they can have on your appearance as well as your dental health.

First of all, one of the biggest benefits of dental fillings is that they restore the strength of your tooth and halt tooth decay. When a filling is placed, areas of tooth decay on the tooth are removed and the filling is placed. This means that your tooth will no longer be subject to structural decay and that any tooth sensitivity or pain associated with your cavity will be addressed as well.

Another major benefit of dental fillings is that they blend in seamlessly with your smile. In the past, metal fillings were used to fill cavities, which were quite visible. These days, tooth-colored dental ceramics are used for dental fillings, which means that now your smile is free from visible spots of black and gray. In fact, many patients who have metal fillings have been switching over to tooth-colored fillings because there are so many advantages of these composite dental ceramic fillings over traditional metal fillings.

And on top of all these benefits, dental fillings are easy to integrate into Orange County full mouth reconstruction. When you get a full mouth reconstruction, you will undergo many different dental treatments in order to restore the overall beauty and functionality of your smile. This may involve the use of porcelain veneers, dental crowns, teeth whitening, and other treatment options in combination with dental fillings. Each mouth reconstruction procedure is tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

If you would like to learn more about dental fillings and how they can benefit you and help you achieve your dental care goals, contact our Orange County cosmetic dentistry practice today. Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen and her entire team look forward to meeting you in person at the office.

The Advantages of Dental Crowns

There are many different kinds of dental problems that you may have to deal with at some time. Some of them will involve tooth discoloration and stains, though there are others that will involve damage to your tooth or multiple teeth. If you have teeth that are chipped or teeth that are cracked, Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen will assess the damage and determine what treatment option is best for you.

For major instances of chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and tooth decay, one of the best options out there is dental crowns. Dental crowns are aesthetic caps that are placed right over your teeth. These dental crowns will be made of a composite ceramic material that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Why dental crowns for such matters, you may wonder. Well, the reason is that dental crowns are so sturdy and strong that they can greatly enhance your overall appearance and dental health. Let’s look at a few of the advantages of dental crowns right now.

First of all, dental crowns will protect your tooth from further damage and discomfort. The dental crown is placed over the tooth itself to ensure that decay and structural issues will not continue to compromise the structure of the tooth.

Second, since the dental crown will be made of a ceramic dental material, it will closely resemble the appearance of your remaining teeth. Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen will ensure that the crown is color-matched to your teeth, making the crown look completely indistinguishable from the rest of your smile.

Third, dental crowns are very strong. If you undergo an Orange County full mouth reconstruction and require multiple damaged teeth to be capped, the dental crowns will be sturdy enough to do the job and will restore the strength and integrity of your bite.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to dental crowns. If you would like to find out if dental crowns or another option for dental restoration is right for you, contact our Orange cosmetic dentistry office today.