Dental Bonding Uses

There are many different dental care treatment options that can address the problems that a patient is facing. Some problems which are serious will require more involved treatments than minor problems, though that is to be expected. Sometimes a combination of major and minor dental treatments may be all that is required for your needs. Meeting with Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen, she will perform a comprehensive examination to ensure that you get the best possible dental treatment to meet your needs.

About Dental Bonding

Also referred to as tooth bonding, dental bonding is a fine option for minor dental problems. The dental bonding material is made of a strong ceramic composite that blends in seamlessly with the color and structure of a tooth, meaning that no one will know you have undergone dental bonding unless they look close and know what to look for.

What Dental Bonding Can Achieve

Dental bonding is primarily used to address minor chipping and cracking of a tooth. The bonding material is placed directly on the damaged portion of the tooth to help provide an aesthetic cover for the damage while also restoring some level of the tooth’s structural integrity. Dental bonding can also be used for teeth whitening needs, masking stains on the surface of teeth.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

During the dental bonding procedure, the composite material is custom mixed to match the color of your tooth. The surface of the tooth is prepped for the composite material, which means that the surface will be made rough for a better hold. The dentist then applies the bonding material directly to the tooth. The bonding material is then buffered and smoothed out to match more naturally with the appearance of the tooth itself.

Dental Bonding and Comprehensive Dental Care

Since dental bonding has multiple applications and is great for minor dental problems, it is often used alongside more substantial dental treatments during a full mouth reconstruction. This is an example of how involved treatments and less involved treatment can be used in concert to enhance the overall beauty and health of your smile as well as the other structures of your mouth.

Alternative to Dental Bonding to Consider

Sometimes a dental problem will be too serious to be dealt with using dental bonding. In those cases, the use of Orange County porcelain veneers may be more ideal. These are designed to mask the front facing portion of a tooth. More substantial dentla restorations can be used as needed for serious tooth decay or tooth damage. Similarly, professional teeth whitening may actually be better for many patients rather than tooth bonding. These determinations can be made during the consultation process at our practice.

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