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Full Mouth Reconstruction is the Epitome of Services Towards Patients In Dentistry.  No Highly Trained Doctor Has The Right To Offer Anything But The Very Best For Her Patients.  A truly Full Mouth Reconstruction it is not just replacing old crowns and fillings with new ones.  It is a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy and a complex process that involves not only teeth but the treatment of the entire mouth.  Is imperative that the new bite, of all the brand new teeth, must in harmony with the movements of the jaw. A variety of muscles, tendons, nerves and supporting bone structures in the head, face, neck, shoulders, are part of the bite.  They must work in maximum comfort and function for the patient.  This will prevent further loss, trauma and harm to the teeth structures.  Some of the reasons, patients need Full Mouth Reconstruction:

* Excessive, generalized tooth wear
* Over closure, collapsed bite of the jaw
* Patients feel tired and look old
* Uneven/Imperfect bite can cause chronic headaches
* Headaches are part of TMJ Syndrome
* Multiple missing teeth, collapses the bite
* Excessive accumulation of plaque by old restorations causes Halitosis (bad breath), gum disease and tooth loss
* Patients that are uncomfortable with their teeth and looks, request Full Mouth Reconstruction
* Patients with congenital imperfections in the teeth structures
* Patients with generalized, dark gray or yellow Tetracycline Stained teeth

Laraine – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Photo - Full-Mouth Restoration Patient


Laraine’s dental condition was badly deteriorating. She is a young female patient, member of the Scotland Yard Police force that came all the way from London, England to cosmetically restore mainly the wear of her upper front teeth. She was explained, that was not sufficient. A full-mouth restoration was recommended and she accepted. The final result totally justifies our recommendation, as seen in the pictures. This is not just about teeth, but it is how beautiful teeth and smile enhance the quality of life in a person.


TESTIMONY: "I traveled thousands of miles from London for this treatment. Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen' transformation made every second of my journey worthwhile!!!! "

"Friends and people in England have noticed remarkable changes in my person. They assumed I had some cosmetic face lift done. They could not believe it was my beautiful set of teeth and smile that made the tremendous difference. This is a dream come true."


Sheri – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Sheri was reluctant to come to our cosmetic dentistry office as a new patient because she was embarrassed by her teeth and smile. She eventually agreed to restore all of her upper teeth and later all of her lower teeth with porcelain crowns at our Los Angeles and Orange County, southern California cosmetic dentistry practice. What a remarkable improvement cosmetic dentist Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen made. She now smiles the whole day long.

Greg – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Greg had a serious deterioration and break down of his bite and teeth that were almost terminal. Using neuromuscular technology the bite was open in the most comfortable position to enable our cosmetic dentist to restore his teeth to an ideal length, size, and shade with cosmetic dentistry. The final result is highly satisfying.

TESTIMONY: “Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen, because my office is far away from your dental office I saw another dentist for my cleaning. They were very impressed to see my brand new smile and teeth. The dentist made high remarks complimenting your work. I was very happy to hear that.”

Joyce – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Joyce was unhappy with her smile that showed gaps in between her upper teeth, that besides were poorly shaped. She also had some old and defective dental restorations on her lower jaw. A Full Mouth Comprehensive reconstruction was the right way to treat her condition, as shown in the photos.

Karl – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Karl’s teeth were getting smaller, flat, and square, a sign of clenching and grinding that wears teeth down. Using neuromuscular techniques that allowed him to open his mouth in the most comfortable muscular position, his entire bite and set of teeth were restored with beautiful IPS Empress all-ceramic crowns at our Orange County and Los Angeles area cosmetic dentistry practice in southern California. Cosmetic dentist Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen, DDS, recommended these dentistry treatments to improve the appearance, functionality, and health of Karl's teeth and gums.

David – Full-mouth Reconstruction

David lost a front tooth playing baseball when he was younger. Later, he lost some other front teeth, due mainly to a strong and traumatic bite.

TREATMENT: To minimize and prevent additional trauma, his bite was opened with a Full Mouth Reconstruction to a more gentle neural muscular relaxed position.

TESTIMONY: "It all started with a baseball game Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen. It looks great now. Thank you! "

Gloria – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Gloria wanted a Full Mouth Reconstruction. She was very concerned of her teeth wearing down and her condition gradually deteriorating.

TREATMENT: A Full Mouth Reconstruction was performed with all porcelain crowns and veneers.

TESTIMONY : "Thank you Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen.This is what I wanted for a long time."

Judith – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Judith, a lawyer, was not please at all with her teeth and smile. As a professional, she was concerned about her appearance. She had a deep overbite and some old yellow porcelain crowns with metal on her upper front teeth. Her lower teeth were invisible.

TREATMENT: A Full Mouth Reconstruction was necessary.The bite was opened, as clearly shown in the pictures, with new whither porcelain crowns.

Koi – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Koi, a young business man, was unhappy with his smile. His teeth were misaligned, crowded, short and gray.

TREATMENT: A Full Mouth Reconstruction was performed with porcelain crowns and veneers. The entire treatment took about 4 months.

TESTIMONY: "My mother was opposed and afraid about my dental work. But after she saw my brand new set of teeth and my new smile, she was very happy. Just like me."

Richard – Full-mouth Reconstruction

Richard, after visiting our web site, expressed his intention to rejuvenate his smile. His teeth were gray, getting very thin, chipping away and short.

TREATMENT: Initially a full upper reconstruction was done with all porcelain crowns and veneers. A year later, he had the entire lower teeth restored and the Full Mouth Reconstruction was completed.

TESTIMONY: "I am glad I found the best dentist"

Our full mouth reconstruction patients come to us from Orange, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Irvine and Tustin.


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