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What are Dental Implants:


Replacing the natural function and appearance of your lost tooth can be very difficult to accomplish.        Dental Implants, however, are natural-looking replacement for missing teeth that also provide the same function as your natural tooth root. They require the same maintenance as natural teeth; theses includes brushing, flossing and dental check-ups. During your dental examination and consultation, Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen, after verifying with X Rays the integrity of your jaw bone, will diagnose and recommend a tooth implant. Basically the titanium implant is surgically installed in the jaw bone, wait for about three months for the tooth implant to heal, then fabricate and cement permanently your porcelain crown . It feels and looks like a natural tooth.

Why replacing missing teeth:


The effects of missing teeth could be detrimental to your long term oral and medical health. Missing teeth are associated with old age. Can make you look older. Replacing missing teeth can dramatically improve your smile, the function and shape of your face. Missing teeth will affect the way your jaw closes. The remaining teeth will tilt and drift into the gaps, food can become trapped, accumulates plaque increasing the risk of gum disease, decay and additional tooth loss. This bite problem could create painful TMJ jaw pain problems.  

Dentures supported by Implants:


Denture supported by dental implants is a dramatic, life changing procedure that is recommended specially for patients wearing mainly full dentures and lose partial dentures. Mostl of these patients struggle with dentures that are lose, unable to chew, bite, eat, with speech difficulties, sore spots, etc. Implant dentures will fit more securely and comfortably, minimizing or eliminating causes of frustration and unhappiness. In other words, dentures will be supported, connected and attached to implants.

Tooth Implant Procedures:


If you have lost a tooth or teeth due to decay, periodontal disease or accident, can be replaced using dental implants that looks and function like a natural tooth and teeth. Implants replace the root of a natural tooth, preserving the integrity of the jaw bone. Missing several teeth is detrimental to your health and replacing these teeth are very important, can be aided with dental implants, like porcelain crowns and bridges that are permanently fixed in the mouth. (see the pictures)  

Fixed Implant Bridges case:


This particular patient was wearing full upper denture for more than 20 years. He waned to replace this denture with fixed implant bridges and was done 3 months after a Oral Surgeon installed 8 implants, that supported 12 fixed porcelain crowns and bridges.  I moved to Portland, Oregon and after a few years visited a Dentist and he told me “the doctor who did your Implants did a fantastic job this is the best I have seen”,  I would sincerely recommend this type of restorations to anybody. Thank you!  The procedure was done over 10 years ago. " Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen please feel free to use my name to recommend dental implants to your patients"

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