Instant Orthodontics with Porcelain Veneers

Los Angeles and Orange County Patients Can Improve Malocclusion of Teeth and Their Appearances With Porcelain Dental Veneers

Some adult patients are reluctant to have a conventional orthodontic treatment as recommended. They feel that wearing awkward metal braces for a number of years is too high a price to pay for straight teeth. They want immediate results to correct misalignment of their overcrowded front teeth and other conditions such as protrusion. Some patients want to close the gaps in between their teeth, recontour poorly shaped teeth, or correct their open bites or cross bites. Fortunately, our Orange County and Los Angeles area practice offers porcelain dental veneers, which can treat all of the above conditions in as little as two dental appointments.

Instant orthodontics with porcelain dental veneers provides patients with the option of immediately improving the appearance of chipped, stained, and crooked teeth. The final result creates a great deal of happiness and satisfaction to them. View the before and after photos featured below of patients who have had porcelain veneers placed.

Instant Orthodontics with Porcelain Veneers - Before and After Photos

Featured below are a number of our patients who have had porcelain veneers placed by Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen. View the exceptional results Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen has achieved.

Rachel – Instant Orthodontics Results

Rachel upper front teeth showed three porcelain fuse to metal crowns that were square, dull, opaque, with silver shadows. Her smile showed her teeth had uneven sizes and total lack of symmetry.

TREATMENT: All of these imperfections were nicely corrected with a combination of "metal free" porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers. Her AFTER pictures show a remarkable improvement and a beautiful new smile.

TESTIMONY: "My relatives and friends ask me why do I smile constantly. Well, they didn't notice I have new beautiful teeth. That is why I happily smile."

Stacy – Instant Orthodontics Results

Stacy had a severe overcrowded condition on her upper and lower teeth. Her lateral upper incisors made her case very difficult to treat. However, the final result was better than anticipated.

TESTIMONY: “Orthodontic treatment was not an option for me. My new smile has changed my life. People think I have the most beautiful smile”

Mike – Instant Orthodontics Results

Mike had protruded lateral incisors on his upper front teeth that he wanted to correct for a long time. His teeth were also yellow, asymmetric, and were wearing down. Our Los Angeles and Orange County dentist placed a series of beautiful porcelain dental veneers on his teeth to create a beautiful smile with instant orthodontics. The finishing is superb.

Darlene – Instant Orthodontics Results

Darlene initially wanted a smile make over. Her front teeth were misaligned and overcrowded. A new set of metal-free porcelain crowns were designed to correct those imperfections.

TREATMENT: After a serious considerations and discussions we all agreed that Full Mouth Reconstruction was the best option.

TESTIMONY: " A Full Mouth is quite a procedure, but final result justifies everything. Thank you"

Lucy – Instant Orthodontics Results

Lucy decided to restore her teeth and improve her smile. Her upper and lower teeth were misaligned, gray and uneven. A series of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns were designed and bonded. The improvement was remarkable. 

Bill – Instant Orthodontics Results

Bill, a patient for a long time in our office, was recommended by Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen to consider porcelain veneers to close some visible gaps in his upper front teeth and prevent more small cracks.

TREATMENT: Six white porcelain veneers were designed to close the gaps.

Patricia – Instant Orthodontics Results

Patricia wanted to restore her teeth and improve her smile. The treatment was to replace some old fashion defective bridges and crowns to replace with whither metal-free porcelain restorations. The final result is dramatic, basically life changing procedure.TESTIMONY: "During my last trip to visit my family and friends, they just dropped their mouths and say WOW!!"

Daniel – Instant Orthodontics Results

Daniel, a young law student, complained that his front teeth had an open bite. His upper teeth had spaces in between and his lower teeth were crowded.

TREATMENT: A conservative designed was planned of eight four upper and four lower porcelain veneers.

TESTIMONY: " My mother was right to refer me to Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen. She told me: "Go to see her and nobody else".

Xytlolec – Instant Orthodontics Results

She was unhappy with her upper right side lateral incisor that was out of alignment. Six porcelain veneers were artistically designed to correct her problem as seen in the pictures.




Arnold – Instant Orthodontics Results

Arnold had multiple issues on his upper and lower teeth as seen in the pictures, like chipped teeth, old discolored fillings, protrusion, overcrowded lower teeth with uneven gum contours.

TREATMENT: All the problems were nicely corrected with porcelain veneers and gum re-contouring therapy.

Joe – Instant Orthodontics Results

Joe had a sever case of protruded upper and lower teeth with large spaces (diastemas), oversize and over erupted front teeth. Before he decided to come to Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen office, Joe visited several dentists to have second opinions.

TREATMENT: His teeth were cosmetically restored with ten upper porcelain veneers and ten lower porcelain veneers.

TESTIMONY: Very Nice!!

John – Instant Orthodontics Results

John wanted to improve his smile replacing porcelain fuse to metal crowns and bridges with whither metal-free porcelain crowns and veneers, plus realign his crowded lower teeth with veneers. The final result shows a remarkable improvement.

TESTIMONY: "Take pictures of me with my thumbs up!!"

Payton- Instant Orthodontics

Image_large Image_large

        Payton, a young high school student was unhappy about her smile, that showed spaces in between her teeth that were also breaking down. A smile was designed with four porcelain veneers, to correct the imperfections and prevent more damage to her teeth. The final result, as seen in the pictures, has dramatically enhanced her appearance, as well as her quality of life, self-esteem and confidence.

Testimony: Thank you so much Dr. Dao Kim Pham-Nguyen. My relatives and friends think I just had my braces off and constantly give me compliments about my beautiful smile.

Our instant orthodontics patients come to us from Tustin, Orange, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills and Irvine.


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